February 17, 2011

not forgotten

Lest you think I've forgotten about this - I haven't.  I'm just working on a couple of sweaters.  I started a blue one for G (the pattern is on the red heart website) but I ran out of blue and he couldn't be convinced that he wanted green sleeves so I set it aside until I can get to the store.  So I started a red, pink, white, ? one for M. It is an experiment and will probably look wonky, but we'll have to see when it's done.  Madeline has been busy writing and illustrating books, so she hasn't had time for any yarn crafts lately.

February 12, 2011

New Skills

 So I decided to attempt colour changes.  On Friday I made the top flag using a colour chart and single crochet -6.5mm hook.  Friday evening/ Saturday morning I made the bottom flag using the same chart, but a tunisian simple stitch and 4mm hook.  The back of the top one looks pretty much the same as the front, but the bottom one has a definite front and back.
close up of single crochet flag

close up of tunisian simple stitch flag
Now do I find something to use these in or attempt a more complex design?

Stegasaurus hat

I started this at Awana headquarters in Chicago - I didn't get far there - but finished on the plane and in the truck on the way home.  It's a bit big, but Gideon didn't want me to tighten it.  The pattern came from totsandbottoms.blogspot.com .  I made a few adjustments, but generally it's the same.

February 2, 2011

My Hat

So our flight to Chicago was cancelled.  We're supposed to leave Thursday instead.  So I spent the day finishing Madeline's scarf and making this hat.  I was told not to put a pompom on it, so I did the little flower instead. :)  Madeline took the picture.
This is MY hat!

Winter Set

I like my hat. It keeps me warm all day. My scarf is the colour of snow.

A heart pocket the size of a mouse. I like it too, just like my hat.