December 29, 2011

Drawing wind or air movement is generally subtle.  It's hard to be subtle using a black calligraphy marker.  I had intended the blue of the sky to be more of a threatening grey, but it didn't quite get there.  

December 27, 2011

Early Autumn

I love watercolour!  It's just fun.  
Anyway, I photographed this instead of scanning, because it's easier.  I am having a problem with the Window Live Photo Gallery.  Every time I do any editing at all, even just flipping a picture around, the photo gets lost.  Phffffft gone!  It says it's saving it, but it's just gone!  This happens with scans and with pics imported from my camera.  Very frustrating.

December 24, 2011

my song

Today I wrote a song. It is a Christmas song. Enjoy!

our gift

Christmas is a special time!
It's not the presents.
It's Jesus!
He was born on Christmas day!
that's how GOD showed his love!
we can show our love by giving presents!
When you give a present to a child of GOD,
It's like giving a gift to GOD!

December 23, 2011

Paisley Goldfinch

This is watercolour on 90lb paper.  I'll have to find a way to flatten it.  I started with the idea of the Paisley bird (although I don't think it's technically paisley), and then incorporated some of the doodle techniques I've seen around the internet.  I see some things I'd do differently next time, but for a first time experiment, I think it worked out rather well.  I'm learning a lot about how my paints move on the paper(and how my watercolour pencils don't). 
 Paul said "That's ... unique.  I like the clouds." (and some other diplomatic stuff)
Now... how should I frame it?  

December 22, 2011

There's something about this season...

When the air gets cold and the sun takes the shortcut across the sky, I get creative urges.  Unfortunately, it's different every year.  I've been going to our local art club, so I've learned about a lot of different techniques.  The last little while I've been doing sketching, doodling and watercolour paints.  I've been inspired by .  I really appreciate her videos.   I scanned a few of my recent efforts.
A mandala drawn with calligraphy marker and coloured with watercolour paints.

Vines & clouds doodled with Madeline's coloured pens

Madeline's coloured pens are great!  Unfortunately the red and black ones are missing.

Paisley, calligraphy marker & watercolour